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About E waste Solutions

E Waste Solutions Building Communities through recycling, reuse and education.

We works in conjunction with the Job Centre Plus, Learn Direct, Glasgow Works, Glasgow's Commonwealth Initiative, Ingeus, Jobs & Business Glasgow, Rathbone and Enable Scotland to support people in undeserved communities, need help, to break the cycles of poverty, desperately need basic technology to gain equal footing with mainstream society. Exclusion from digital resources makes it much more challenging for individuals and families to advance in school and careers, access services, maintain social networks, participate in community, and much more.

We creates work placements, through the ReConnect Program offers the disadvantaged an opportunity to gain employment; those who have had difficulty starting/returning to work are given the skills and confidence they require to approach an employer with the adequate requisite requirements for employability. work experience, training and employment opportunities for people facing severe disadvantages.

  • Computer Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Game Consoles
  • TFT, Monitors
  • Plasma / LCD TVs
  • Apple Equipment
  • Mobile Phones
  • Keyboard, Mouse and Computer Cabling etc
Working in partnership with

E WASTE SOLUTIONS - 986-990 Argyle Street, GLASGOW, G3 8LU
Tel: 0141 847 0000
Email: info@ewastesolutions.co.uk
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