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E Waste Solutions Services

We offer a comprehensive IT recycling and IT disposal service in accordance with all UK and EU legislation. Our service provides you with a peace of mind, that your WEEE will be disposed in a environment and law abiding method. Our IT disposal and IT recycling service is completely secure, highly cost effective, ethical and green.

Upon contact one of our dedicated customer services agents, will call you and arrange a convenient time to discuss your electrical waste requirement. On collection we issue you with a Waste Transfer Notice (WTN), which discharges the duty of care for the IT equipment from you on to us, the licensed waste carrier. All material that can be recycled for other use are transferring to licensed recycling facilities.

We also offer a full data destruction service. We understand our clients' need for all data to be destroyed irrecoverably. All options are fully certified and complete data destruction documentation is provided.

Where there is IT equipment that you believe might have residual value, we will make you an offer or advise on the sale to third parties. We have extensive contacts throughout the industry and will help you maximize the value.

Computer Recycling including:

Data/ Drive Destruction:

We ensure your Computer data is completely secure and never leaves our premises. Hard drives are subjected to an unprecedented Data destruction Process, all as part of our IT Disposal services.

Computer Monitor Re-use:

Why dispose of your monitor when it's in working order. Old TFTs can last many years. Just because corporations have to rely on the latest technologies, doesn't
mean that your used screens can't be put to good use elsewhere in Britain.

Computer Recycling:

We remove data storage devices from the computer. Hard drives are binary wiped to the strictest standards. Motherboards are either re-used or melted down. Cases (even plastics) are recycled as scrap.

Ethernet cable IT Disposal:

Wherever possible, cables are re-used. It saves on the energy required to extract the precious copper in the wiring.


Servers require extra special care. They contain sensitive data from our clients, so we recommend that all drives removed from these are subjected to a 7 pass binary wipe. Most servers are retired late in their lives and as such, are usually recycled into component form for metals extraction.

Networking Equipment:

CAT5 cables, routers, hubs and switches are all invaluable in the computer industry. 100 meg units and cat5 cables are still usable in todays environment. Otherwise, they're stripped down into component form and melted down.

Printer Recycling:

We advocate re-use of printers, their parts and used cartridges wherever possible. Printers that have reached end of life are recycled for plastics, metals and circuit boards.

Telecoms Recycling including:
  • Telecoms Recycling:
  • Telecoms Racks
  • VOIP equipment
  • TX equipment
  • switches
  • exchanges
  • fibre equipment

Desk Phones

Mobile Phones


  • Computer Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Game Consoles
  • TFT, Monitors
  • Plasma / LCD TVs
  • Apple Equipment
  • Mobile Phones
  • Keyboard, Mouse and Computer Cabling etc
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